Friday, July 15, 2011

Buyer's Remorse

After posting my first entry on my brand spanking new blog, I was giddy with excitement that I had finally taken the plunge into blogger world. Sure I was new to this whole thing, but I'd catch on quickly (hopefully) and this was a chance for me to freely express my experiences as an
out-of-the-closet writer.

It wasn't until the next day that I began to realize that perhaps I may be in over my head.

Between working full-time, writing my novel, reading and various other social media sites that keep me glued to my computer screen, how would I have time to blog? Not to mention my family and friends that would surely want to spend time with me at some point.

Umm--what was I thinking?!

Panic set in that blogging would take precious time away from writing, which I was already struggling to do. After a long and fairly stern talk with myself (yes, I do talk to myself on occasion.) I decided to lighten up. This wasn't supposed to be a chore, but a fun way to interact with other writers across this big blue and green marble we call Earth.

So doubts aside, I'm jumping in!


Unknown said...

Blogging IS writing. Not fiction (well, not NECESSARILY fiction), but still writing. :D

Angie Richmond said...

Yes, it would appear I've learned that. Oh how wise I've become :P

Have some great writer friends to thank for that!

*points at you*

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