Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Beginnings - Write Me Happy is on the move!

I'm all about change. I'm always striving to move forward and expand myself in ways I never thought possible. One such area that has been nagging at me for a change is this blog.

Though Blogger has been like a dear friend to me, I've decided to pack up Write Me Happy and move it to WordPress.

My new home will give me the freedom to express my creativity more. It will include more of my writing and art while still maintaining that Write Me Happy feel.

I really hope each and every one of you continues to follow me in my new location. If you are not signed up with WordPress that's okay. You can follow me by email.

Feedback is welcomed and encouraged. See you there!


Dana said...

Following. :)

Angie Richmond said...

Thanks Dana. Can't wait to use the new space :)

Becca J. Campbell said...

Woo hoo! WordPress is so much better! Granted, I've never had a Blogger page but they are more difficult to navigate and comment on than WP ones are. I think everyone should have WordPress.

Anna said...

Yay! WordPress is awesome! :D Welcome to the WordPress family! :D (I'm thrilled, yes.)

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