Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Case of the Mondays...On Thursday.

 My work day is done. My dinner consumed. My husband out with friends. The TV turned off and my finger poised on the keyboard at the ready.

I can visualize the click click sound my fingernails will soon make against the keys. Two and a half hours to myself to write. The plan is simple.

1) Write a new blog
2) Type up the beginning of Chapter 6
3) If time allows, edit Chapter 5

Simple. My Brain races all day long with creative juices. Random thoughts and voices - yes voices - whirling through my head like a giant hot tub filled with steaming bubbly water. It's chaos in there!

I crack my knuckles, I check my Twitter and Email. I'm ready to release the hounds, as Mr. Burns would say. Pure bliss awaits.

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Except that's not what's happening. My otherwise chaotic mind has been silenced. Refusing to cooperate.

Okay, just a little stumble. No big deal. It's so used to being locked up all day long. Probably just a little gun shy. Best to give a little encouragement.

Hi Brain, it's me. Go ahead and let those creative juices flow now. I'm ready!


Okay no need to panic. Let's try again.

I have 2.5 hours to write. Do you know how awesome that is? How productive I can be? 

My silly Brain ignores me. I'm amazed at its stubbornness. No idea where it gets that from.
*shifty eyes*

Time to take a different approach.

There are so many wonderful, brilliant ideas in there and we make such a great team! Open up, please!

Nothing. It's holding my thoughts ransom. I can tell.

If you release the ideas I'll let you watch TV for 30 minutes. Camon...That's a great deal! That's like candy for you! Please? PLEASE??!!

I'm like a whimpering child, frustrated and near tears.

Brain, why you gotta be like this? Huh?

My Brain finally makes a sound, a terrible evil noise and thumbs it's nose at me.

Muhahahahaha! What ya gonna do in November, when I don't feel like playing nice?

Panic. Sheer, unadulterated panic sets in. OMG. November. NaNoWriMo. Surely my Brain wouldn't do that to me. Right? RIGHT?


OMGOMGOMG...What will I do when the 1,667 word target looms over my head and my Brain refuses to cooperate? Sound the alarms! This is War people!

And so that's where I'm at right now. A blog about nothing and a deep seeded fear that in November I will fall ill with a case of Writer's Block.

Good Grief.

**Note: This know about my Writer's Block...wasn't even my idea. Thank you to @Bearnard for suggesting I write a blog about my inability to write a blog. Well done, man. Well done!

Heaven help us all if I can't even come up with that on my own.


Unknown said...

Lol! Gotta love the idea of writing about the inability to write. People are full of great ideas! That said... I've been experiencing stupid moments too. I can't decide if I'm writing a thriller or dystopian or what. I mean, I can't just go straight to ... writing without knowing what I'm doing. Bah! Stupid Thursdays. :P

Angie Richmond said...

Agreed. Thursdays should be banned! Thanks for the comment :)

Alison DeLuca said...

I love this column! I'd write more about it, but I can't think of anything now. Caffeine please....

Angie Richmond said...

Thanks Alison! I've been needing double doses of caffeine these days. :-/

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