Monday, November 14, 2011

Interview with My Mo Bro - Week Two

We're two weeks into Movember and once again the hubby is hairier. Hairier and greasier. '70s Porn Star greasy. that.

So this week I decided to keep the title the same because the interview is quite literally with my brother, Ryan.

Ryan is also a proud member of The Velvet Undernose. He's been known to dye his sick stache and from what I can tell, he actually enjoys sporting a Mo. I'm sure you'll agree after reading his
Q & A.

Q: Why is Movember important to you?
A: Cancer affects so many people in our lives. It's nice to get involved and try to raise money and awareness while having a few laughs along the way. Plus it gives me an excuse to showcase my porn star-esque, charming, yet oh so sexy, hypnotizing demeanor, something that I have to harness the other 11 months of the year...

Q: Tell us about The Velvet Undernose.
A: A good group of dirty mustachios. Best part is the party at the end of the month where my moustache tends to drink more than I do.

Ryan and his "Bread Maker" Mo
Q: How can people support you and The Velvet Undernose?
A: Show me the money baby!! If you're lucky I might let you touch my stache...

Q: What style of Mo are you growing?
A: I like to call it the "Bread Maker". Interpret that as you wish..

Q: On a scale of 1 to 5, how itchy is your Mo?
A: First off, you need to learn to embrace the stache. I don't itch, itching is for catfish-faced prepubescent rookies. These things have a mind of their own and you have to learn to love them. Sometimes I actually wonder to I growing a moustache or is the stache growing me???

If you want to donate to Ryan and his Bread Maker Mo follow this link.

Learning to embrace the Mo

This week Brandon has listed his itchy factor as a 3 stating...and I quote...

"I give it a 3 cuz I'm still learning how to embrace the stache."

If you want to donate to Brandon and his Undercover Brother Mo follow this link.

If you missed Brandon's Q & A don't fret! You can check out his feelings about Movember by clicking HERE .


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