Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The No Mo - Week Four

By now the staches of the world are in full bloom. Carefully groomed with a loving hand. Thick and bushy like a nice little broom on the upper lip of the men of the world.

But sometimes, despite their best efforts, the mo just don't grow.

My brother in-law happens to be one of the hair follicle impaired men I speak of. But he's a good sport and agreed to give me a quick interview.

Q: Why is Movember important to you?
A: Movember is important to me because it sheds light onto a topic that is typically not spoken about due to men being shy or not vocal about this issue (prostate cancer). Generally when men congregate, the most popular topics to converse about are sports, cars, video games, women etc...not how your prostate is doing. Men's health isn't a typical conversation piece.
With that being said, I hope Movember becomes even more popular in future years. I know most women hate that their significant other has a hairy upper lip, but I think the individuals that look at Movember as just an excuse to grow a 'Mo' really should sit back and look at the actual meaning. 

Q: What style of 'Mo' are you growing?
The Ghost Mo
A: I've unwillingly created my own style. It's called "The Ghost Mo". The mustache will span across the entire upper lip like any other standard mustache BUT since my facial hair is very light, it is difficult to see if you're more than 5 - 10 feet away from my face. This is where the "ghost" portion comes from. The Mo is there...but you can't always see it!

Q: What's your itch factor on a scale of 1 to 5?
A: I spend every night serenading my mustache so it is very tame and has not caused me any itching issues. I think it's very important to have a strong working relationship with your mustache otherwise it will itch and potentially stunt the growth. 

To donate to Trevor and his Ghost Mo follow this link

As for the hubby, he's anxious to shave the Mo. He's managed to raise $115 towards a team total of $740, so far. Donations are still being accepted, so why not do your part and donate to the members of The Velvet Undernose today!


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