Sunday, September 25, 2011

Keep on Truckin'

After a lazy summer I've hit the ground running this September. I've been working on my new novel titled "The Reaper's Bride" and loving every minute of it.

I've dedicated my lunch hour at work to writing everyday. Though the hour is more like 40 minutes, I'm making the most of it. I'm finding that I'm no longer writing myself into a rut. The 40 minutes usually means that I'm right in the middle of something great when I have to pack up and head back to work. Sounds difficult right? Wrong! When I return to it the next day I've been able to pick up where I've left off and continue without the dreadful writer's block I was experiencing before.

I've also discovered that my favorite place to write is Starbucks. The atmosphere, the yummy beverages and the endless traffic seems to inspire me. My creative juices are flowing with ideas that I often can't keep up with. (Shameless plug for Starbucks!)
I've started carrying an additional notepad with me strictly for random thoughts unrelated to my current piece. Oh and did I mention the last time I checked my purse I had no less than 3 pens and a pencil! That's right, I am stocked for those unexpected sentences or descriptions that pop into my head while I'm waiting for the bus or whatever. In fact twice last week I stopped walking to pull out my notepad and write something down. The creative juices are flowing indeed!

So this post is basically me saying that my lack of blogging is directly related to my increase in writing.

How great is that?