Pyjama Club

In addition to this blog, I also contribute to the warm and fuzzy Pyjama Club blog. The Pyjama Club is a spot where people can come and share their stories of comfort and joy. You'll find poetry, personal stories, impromptu parties, tales of cherished pets and of course, lots of talk on pyjamas!

No matter now you spell it, Pyjamas (pajamas, PJs, jim-jams, jammies etc) are our most favourite things!

Me all tucked in
Below is a list of my posts, but don't stop there! The Pyjama Club has a lot of talented writers that you should check out.

Newbie to the blog, not pyjamas!

Cuddle Time!

Gone, But Not Forgotten!

Going 'Home'


Lillie McFerrin said...

This is so cool! What a fun idea :)

Angie Richmond said...

It is fun!

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