Saturday, March 31, 2012

Music Me Happy!

Good morning lovely people of the world. Care for some music? Thought you would ;)

This is a super cool Finnish band that - once again - my super cool husband introduced me to. He was fortunate enough to meet them at a MUSEXPO back in 2007. He says they are really cool guys who know all about Winnipeg because Teemu Selanne played for the Jets. (Lots of hockey references there...yes, I know)

One minute too late by Deep Insight

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Music Me Happy!

Hello Saturday! Let's get this music party started!

I really struggled selecting an artist this week, there are just so many AWESOME choices.

My final decision is Straight Lines by Silverchair. I've been listening to this band since I was *cough* sixteen *cough*. This song is so inspirational for me. Just makes me feel good! I hope it has the same effect on you.

P.S. How cute is Daniel Johns? Right?!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction

This week's word is Wicked. Check out Lillie McFerrin's blog for other excellent pieces!

I watched her walk along the dust-covered streets, alone with her thoughts. Her long strands of hair caught up in the wicked wind, swirling into a knotted mess above her head. She reminded me of Medusa, and I turned away fearful of being cast into stone. But I wanted to smell the earth and sky in those wild locks of hair; I was prepared to risk whatever evil befell me. As I stepped in the shadows, she disappeared, taking all that once was, with her and leaving me alone with the wicked wind.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction

Lillie McFerrin has this wonderful word prompt challenge called Five Sentence Fiction. This week's word is coincidence, which was chosen by yours truly.  For more information on the challenge, click here.

There wasn't much she could say; she'd followed him all the way from 3rd Avenue and River. Twice she stopped to force down the sour bile the rose in her throat; it should have been enough for her to abandon her plan, but it wasn't. She wanted to know, even though knowing would ruin her. When he spotted her across the room, the corners of his mouth pulled down tight; a gesture she both loved and feared. Would he believe her if she claimed it was a coincidence?

Think Small! 22 Things Update

It's been nearly three weeks since I launched 22 Things: The Creative Change Challenge. With 18 participants so far, I'm THRILLED at the response. A BIG thanks to all you wonderful people for joining and taking that first step. You all ROCK!

For those of you unsure what I'm referring to, check out my original post here. In the meantime I'd like to share some further thoughts on 22 Things.

I recently read some comments from people interested in the challenge, but slightly overwhelmed by listing twenty two things. Fear not, good peoples of the world! 22 Things isn't about forcing you into a box that you don't fit.

Though I truly believe we all can come up with 22 small changes, I don't want anyone to feel excluded. Sign up and list as many as you can! Try listing 15, 10 or even 5. It's not so much about the number of things, just the size of them. And that size is small. I promise, as you make these lists and stop to check in with yourself often, you'll find it becomes easier.

Here are some examples of small steps that lead to BIG changes:
  • Want to write a novel? Commit to writing X amount of words or pages every day or every week. The number doesn't have to be big. Start small and work your way up. Maybe you start off with 1 page or 300 words a week, then - when you are ready - increase it!
  • Interested in a career change? How about committing to taking one new course. You may not be able to get that degree right now, but you can start with a small step. Too big? How about reading 1 book each month on the career you're hoping to pursue. Google search topics and learn whatever you can.
  • Want to lose weight? Think small! Perhaps commit to drinking one less pop a day. Or eating out 1 less time a week. Take the stairs twice a week. Park further away from your destination.
  • Want to be more creative? How about signing up for that art class you've always wanted to take? Too big? Okay, how about going out and buying some art supplies and experiment at home.
  • Want to be a more positive person? Post positive affirmations such as 'Have Faith' or 'Smile' around your home or office to remind you that life isn't as bad as it seems some times. 
  • Want to be a more patient person? Oh man, do I get this one! How about learning to meditate? Create your own mantra and repeat it to yourself when life becomes overwhelming and your frustrated. My mantra is 'This is my journey'. I say this every time I'm feeling stuck. 
Just as we learned to run, we must first crawl and then walk. Don't let yourself get caught up on the end results. Focus on the small steps and enjoy the journey!

Please make sure to check out all the fantastic lists posted by our participants. They're fabulous bloggers and can be found on Twitter as well.

Still struggling? I can help!
 You can find my info under the Contact section of my blog.

Music Me Happy!

It's Saturday and that means it's Music Me Happy day!

My husband, Brandon, is a HUGE musical influence for me. Not only is he a FABULOUS drummer, (and I'm totally not just saying that! Ask anyone!) he has great taste in music. I basically let him introduce stuff to me. That's how much I trust his judgement. Example below...

Stand Up by Trapt


Side note: I wish I could do this at work...just sayin'

Monday, March 12, 2012

Creative Every Day - Follow the Birds

As part of the mixed media theme for Creative Every Day, I've continued to explore working with acrylic paint, ink and paper on canvas.

Follow the Birds.....

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunshine Award

Diane Fordham, a lovely lady, has bestowed upon me the Sunshine Award. I must say that receiving this award was a ray of sunshine in itself.

In order for me to accept this award, I have to make a list of things that make me happy. Of course this isn't a complete list. No particular order either, just off the top of my head.
  1. Writing. Didn't see that coming, right?!
  2. My hugs from my husband.
  3. Meeting my 'real life' girlfriends for a good chinwag at Starbucks or anywhere that we can get lost in conversation!
  4. When Anna does a run by smooching on Twitter.
  5. Yummy food. I actually do a little happy dance when something is particularly delicious!
  6. Squirrels running around doing their squirrely thang!
  7. When someone tells me I've inspired them. AWESOME!
  8. When Jo-Anne gives me choco bickies. Those are the best :)
  9. Becoming so involved in a novel that I can't stop thinking about it, even when I'm not reading it. 
  10. Having someone tell me they like my work.
  11. Butterflies. They always remind me of my granny.
 Now I get to pass this along to some wonderful people that make ME happy! Anna, Lillie, Julie, Angela, Dasia, Jo-Anne, Sara, Meghan

Thanks Ladies :)