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She grew up in an Indiana town, had a good lookin' mama who never was around -- wait--that's a Tom Petty song-- scratch that.

My name is Angie Richmond. I was born in a city known for it's unpredictable weather, Winnipeg. Where's Winnipeg? Well... Manitoba, Canada of course! Look it up! (Hint: Centre of Canada give or take.) I still live in Winnipeg today with my lovely supportive - and creative - husband, Brandon.

I have a diploma in Animal Health Technology, an undergraduate degree in Psychology and I'm a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) administrator.

I'm a writer and an artist or - as I've recently begun referring to myself as - a creative.

This blog was originally created to follow my journey as a writer. I've realized now, it's more about my journey as a creative soul.

Living the creative life, and telling you all about it!


Donna McNicol said...

Angie, I just got your comment on my blog entry into the Blog Hop contest. My email is on my profile, if you would contact me with how to get the critique done. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!

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