Sunday, November 20, 2011

Movember Week 3 - The Man Behind the Mo

Mr. Mo Captain - Sean

Meet the man behind The Velvet Undernose! The man who created the team. Captain Sean shares why Movember is important to him.

Q: Why is Movember important to you? 
A: My grandfather was a huge figure in my life and he died of complications from prostate cancer.  When I first heard about it, MOvember was the easy and fun way to contribute to a growing problem.  Breast cancer is so "out there" because women tend to be more vocal about issues - men are too passive and this is a great tool to use.

Q: Tell us about The Velvet Undernose
A: The Velvet Undernose is a growing team, we have founding members that dedicate their face to their art every November, and at the end of the month we do a hairy gathering.  We do our collective best to snare as many donations as possible, but the hidden agenda is to have fun looking totally ridiculous for one month - and getting away with it.

Q: How can people help?
A: Support The Velvet Undernose. Make a donation to our team, or get a tattoo that says you care about my prostate, whichever is easiest for you.  Either way, prostate cancer must be cured, so the more awareness, the better.  Plus you can touch my 'stache too after you touch Ryan's.

Q: What style of Mo are you growing?
A: " 70's Art-Rock Retro ", when I meet new clients, I introduce my stache as "the real deal sex appeal".  I think it's catching on.

Q: What's your itch factor on a scale of 1 to 5? 
A: No itch.  It's more like a soft and loving caress. Whenever I can, I gently brush it from side to side like a caged tiger I just caught. When I ever so gently kiss my wife's cheek, the tiger roars and makes it's presence known.  No itch: though a wild beast, it is my ally.  

To make a donation to Sean and his 70's Art-Rock Retro Mo follow this link

Brandon contemplating his Mo
This week Brandon's Mo is really started to come in nicely. And by nicely I mean absolutely sick. It's getting quite hard to take anything he has to say serious. I often find myself laughing or staring at the Mo.

When asked about his itch factor, he stated:

"Now that the broom is starting to grow longer, it's less about the itch and more about the maintenance. I am learning how to embrace the stache and it has almost reached its full potential! God I'm SEXY!"

To make a donation to Brandon and his life changing Mo follow this link


spring days, new growth said...

my husband has done this several years in a row (in Oz) and I can so relate to laughing every time I looked at him! he looked like some creepy 70s porn star - but all for a VERY good cause. My mother sponsored him to shave it OFF!
i think your man looks quite funky!, maybe like a designer or muss or something!

Angie Richmond said...

Thanks for the comments!! It's a very good cause :)

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