Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Christmas & I'm Thankful for YOU!

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It's Christmas Eve day, I'm sitting at my writing desk, hunched over my computer reading wonderful blogs and tweets from other amazing writers and thinking how lucky I am.

I know it's usually Thanksgiving that we state what we are thankful for, but given that Christmas has become a mega holiday filled with presents, greeting cards, food and oh so delightful eggnog, I wanted to strip back all the glitter and glamor and get to the real sense of Christmas for me.

I am not a religious person. In my younger years I took a strong stance against religion in attempt to rebel against those who were. It was wrong of me, but only age has shown me this. However, I do consider myself spiritual, though I still despise the label. This spirituality has lead me on a journey to discover who I am, at my core. It's here I discovered and embraced my writing, my own uniqueness and my comfort with those around me. I embraced tolerance, understanding, empathy and all those other really fantastic traits that I lacked as a young adult.

So with that little piece of insight on how the cogs turn inside my head, I move back to my original thought, thankfulness.

I am thankful for a wonderful husband who gets me like no other has. He sees my faults and accepts me anyway. He challenges me when I need it and never lets me storm off angry, which I have a tendency to do. His support is unquestionable and I love him with all my heart. Even though that sounds kind of cornball, it's the truth. Thank you!

I am thankful for my family and friends that have been incredibly supportive over the last few years. Those who have comforted me, celebrated with me and given me the nudge I needed. That laughed, cried and scolded me, sometimes all within the same conversation. Without all of you, life would be dull. Thank you!

I am thankful for the writing community I have tapped into via Twitter and Blogging. Without you, I would never have been able to complete an entire novel in November! Hell, I wouldn't even know about NaNoWriMo. All your #wordmongering #wordwars #wordsprinits #fivesentencechallenge helped me through my writing block and continue to motivate me to write, write, write. Thank you!

There are so many other people I could thank individually, but this short post would end up giving The Never Ending Story a run for it's money.

So in closing, this Christmas, I am blessed and thankful!


Diane Fordham said...

I will try again - my internet is being shocking this afternoon. I was saying, Awww that was such a sweet post, and thank YOU!

Zabrinah said...

What a lovely post. Yes, we can be thankful anytime of the year, any holiday--Thanksgiving or Christmas! Sometimes, I feel a surge of thankfulness on Groundhog's day.

This post encouraged me to find my own community of writers. I'm working on revising a novel I started in 2008, so I'm going to need all of the #editmongering twitter will allow me!


Best wishes from one blogger (writer) to the next,


Angie Richmond said...

Thank you both for your comments!

Diane - You're welcome! Hope your internet is behaving itself now :)

Zabrinah - I'm so happy that my post encouraged you to connect with other writers. Twitter has been a HUGE source of inspiration, support and knowledge. Good luck on your novel and let me know if you need a cheerleader in your corner! Go, Go, Go! Edit, Edit, Edit!

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