Monday, April 2, 2012

Creative Every Day - Language

This month's theme for Creative Every Day is Language; fitting since I tend to use a lot of words in my art. I suppose it's the writer in me!

This piece is yet to be named, though I've thought of calling it 'All Heart'. This photo was taken using my brand new iPhone and Instagram so the colour is a bit off, but I still love it!

And now - because I am a writer - an untitled piece of flash fiction. Enjoy!

There were few things in life she cherished more than her memories. Few things that brought her as much joy as closing her eyes and recalling images of her past. Some said she spent too much time wallowing in days long gone, but to her there was no sweeter thing. 

It's where he lived. In her memories. 

How could she not long to be there, in his arms, smelling the musky scent of his unwashed clothes and stale cigarettes. The very things that used to drive her crazy, were the things she missed most. Unwashed plates and inside-out socks, carelessly tossed near, but not quite in the laundry bin. Sinks covered in shaving cream, toothpaste and bits of his beard. His bear hugs and smoky kisses. His louder than life laugh. 

Those were the images she recalled when she missed him. She feared moving on meant leaving him, and that was something she just couldn't do.


pauline said...

oh Angie... love the artwork, love the writing. I could relate. :-)
thanks for sharing. xoxo

Angie Richmond said...

Thanks so much Pauline!

Dana said...

I love your artwork! I wish I were so talented. :) I'm really enjoying your Creative Every Day posts!

Angie Richmond said...

Thanks Dana!

Donna B. McNicol said...

You continue to amaze it all! Been busy with my A to Z Challenge so spending today getting caught up with all my other blogs. ;-)

Lillie McFerrin said...

Gorgeous writing and artwork. I adore all of the trees and birds in your art...those are some of my favorite things :) I can really relate to this piece of writing; it's so aptly put and well written!

Angie Richmond said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments Donna and Lillie!!

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