Thursday, October 6, 2011

Booker...My Trusted Writing Gnome!

Let me introduce you to Booker. Cute little fellow, isn't he?

Booker whistled his way into my life today actually. A creation that sprang to mind when I realized that I desperately needed some extra help working through my writing neurosis. If you're a writer then you probably know what I'm talking about. That little voice inside your creative mind that shows up and whispers...

Hey that last sentence was horrible. And did you see all those spelling mistakes? I'm pretty sure you've added too many commas and you forgot some semi-colons and isn't that a run-on sentence and is "run-on" actually hyphenated? 

The kind of voice you wish you could strangle, if only you could find where that little bugger is hidden. It's a tricksy creature that's always one step ahead, pointing out flaws but offering no advice on how to fix them. Yeah, that voice shows up A LOT! 

So while I was sitting at my desk doing the woe is me routine, Booker appeared. Suddenly I envisioned a little Gnome sitting on the corner of my desk. His chubby little face flushed with a rosy smile. His eyes twinkling with excitement. Perhaps he'd be smoking a little corn pipe, taking long draws and blowing smoke rings in the air. And just when I'd begin to doubt myself and the quality of work I was producing, he'd stand up, remove his pipe and say:

It's okay! Your first draft doesn't have to be perfect. Keep writing!

Booker was born! My own personal cheering squad. How lucky am I?

Excited, I took to twitter to put my fantastic idea (Booker's words not mine) out there.

I tweeted: 

I need a Gnome that sits on the edge of my desk while I write & tells me "It's ok your first draft doesn't have 2 be perfect. Keep writing!"

Within minutes I had fellow writers tweeting in sympathy. We all know that voice and how hard it is to defeat alone. Booker was the answer to my prayers!

Spotting a pal in need, my good friend and fellow writer Julie Chapko (@DJChapko) quickly tweeted that she had a surprise for me. I LOVE surprises. Especially ones from a friend that totally gets me and my twisted sense of humor. Naturally I was intrigued.

When I met up with her hours later she presented me with my surprise.

She admitted she couldn't drawn a Gnome and this would have to do. And it did! I plan on finding the perfect Gnome that I can lovingly call Booker to hold my inspirational sign.

Cheers to writing gnomes and great friends!

How do you banish that little inner critic? 


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