Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

I have been given the Versatile Blogger Award by Lillie at Lillie McFerrin Writes. Thanks!
Now, I get to pass it on!

Here are the rules:

Thank the person who nominated you. Tell 7 things about yourself, so that your readers may learn more about you, and nominate 15 other newly discovered bloggers, then let them know you nominated them.

7 Things About Me!

1) I absolutely adore Hockey. I live, sleep and breathe Hockey! My favourite teams are the Vancouver Canucks, who I've loved since childhood and the Winnipeg Jets, a hometown team we lost 15 years ago that arrived back in out city this year! Yay!

2) Last year a friend taught me to knit. I made two scarfs and a hat that was supposed to be for me but ended up being too small. My other friend's little girl was able to fit it though. Great save of wool. 

3) I love to make soup. In fact I've been called the Soup Nazi (from Seinfeld) on more than one occasion. When I make soup have to listen to classical music. It's like a rule or something :) 

4) I make my own jewelry. Mainly earrings and bracelets.

5) I'm just as bad as a kid when it comes to Christmas morning. I get up early and beg my husband to wake up so we can open presents. 

6) I enjoy gardening and I grow vegetables in my back yard.

7) You can often find me singing and dancing in my kitchen ;-)

I am happy to pass this wonderful award onto the following awesome bloggers:
1. Julie at Mommy Coach 
2. Dana at The Daily Dose
3. Ava Jae at Writability
5. Eleanor at A Buddhist On A Blog
6. J. Birch at Birch Writes
7. Dan at Surly Muse
8. Zencherry at The Zen Corner
9. Carissa at My Inner Stillness 
10. Alivia at Alivia Anders
14. Melissa at The Undeveloped Story
15. Alison at Fresh Pot of Tea


Lillie McFerrin said...

I've always wanted to try knitting, but never got around to it. I've seen some amazing things knitted!! And, I am the same about Christmas. Never going to grow out of it :)

Alison DeLuca said...

I love soup, and classical music, so #3 is a win-win for me. Thanks so much for the award!

Angie Richmond said...

Lillie - Yes Christmas is the best time of year! I'm jealous that you can quilt. That's on my "to do" list :)

Alison - You're very welcome! Soup and classical music are the perfect combo :)

Thanks for both of you comments!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the award. :) I'll have to hand it out to the other people today before NaNoWriMo starts haha.

I also make my own jewelry. I plan on selling it online once I find the time... which may be awhile. :)

Angie Richmond said...

You're welcome Melissa. Yes, I had to do the same thing. I tweeted that I wouldn't write anything till Tuesday then found out about the award. LOL So much for not writing!

Is it you that makes earrings out of guitar picks? Or did I just dream that? Haha

Unknown said...

Thank you for the blog award. I will have to find time to give it to others.

Another jewelry maker and knitter. I don't knit too often but I make jewelry even though I can't wear it.

Angie Richmond said...

You're very welcome Cylee and thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Winnipeg're kidding me right? My favorite hockey team? Too awesome! I'm so glad they're back from Atlanta. Yeah!
Thank you so MUCH for this award. You rock so very, very HARD!
A Jets fan would though. Makes total sense. :D

Angie Richmond said...

That is so awesome Zencherry! I can't believe you're a fan :) thanks for the comment!

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