Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Song for the Soul

Keane is one of my favourite bands. I was fortunate enough to see them live and to this day, it still remains the best concert I've ever attended. His voice is as true in person as it is recorded (as you will see below) The actual music video is a bit peculiar, so I've decided to go with the live version instead. Bedshaped is one of my fav songs and I hope you enjoy!


D. D. Syrdal said...

This may be blasphemy, but I've never even heard of this band. :) I guess they don't get much airplay here in the US. Where did you see them?

Angie Richmond said...

Oh I'm not surprised. They are really huge in the UK. They came to Winnipeg a couple years ago. Great British band!

Amanda said...

Bedshaped is such a beautiful song! Probably my favorite from that album. :-)

Adriana said...

Wow, I love it! It's too bad we haven't heard of them here in the U.S. Off to look them up. :) BTW, LOVE his accent. :D

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