Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunshine Award

Diane Fordham, a lovely lady, has bestowed upon me the Sunshine Award. I must say that receiving this award was a ray of sunshine in itself.

In order for me to accept this award, I have to make a list of things that make me happy. Of course this isn't a complete list. No particular order either, just off the top of my head.
  1. Writing. Didn't see that coming, right?!
  2. My hugs from my husband.
  3. Meeting my 'real life' girlfriends for a good chinwag at Starbucks or anywhere that we can get lost in conversation!
  4. When Anna does a run by smooching on Twitter.
  5. Yummy food. I actually do a little happy dance when something is particularly delicious!
  6. Squirrels running around doing their squirrely thang!
  7. When someone tells me I've inspired them. AWESOME!
  8. When Jo-Anne gives me choco bickies. Those are the best :)
  9. Becoming so involved in a novel that I can't stop thinking about it, even when I'm not reading it. 
  10. Having someone tell me they like my work.
  11. Butterflies. They always remind me of my granny.
 Now I get to pass this along to some wonderful people that make ME happy! Anna, Lillie, Julie, Angela, Dasia, Jo-Anne, Sara, Meghan

Thanks Ladies :)


Sara Leggeri said...

Love your list! Thank you for passing this on to me, Angie!!! It made me smile today!

Jo-Anne Teal (jtvancouver) said...

I had a bad weekend without my computer, I finally get it back, sign on and what do I see? The sweetie, sweet, sweet light Angie, handing out Sunshine Awards! Timing? Perfection! Angie, really you have been so wonderfully welcoming since we connected...I think just one short year ago! Encouraging my writing, egging me on to 'get with the program, and just write already' and introducing me to some of the best tweeps ever. You are such a lovely person. I really feel blessed to have somehow, someway connected with you early on in my twitter daze. You gave me faith there were good folk on this social media platform and that yes perhaps I could connect with others who write. Thank you to you, Ms. Sunshine! xo

Angie Richmond said...

You're welcome Sara!

Wow, Thanks so much Jo-Anne! I'm so glad I could brighten your weekend! Knowing you has been a privilege and an honour. I'm so glad we connected :)

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